Meet the Hands Behind Bella Luna Treasure


Bella Luna Treasure is made up of a team of cosmic vibe empresses.Each here with the intention of spreading good vibes through fashion.



Hailey Sorensen

Owner & CEO

From Aurora Colorado. 

Spiritual Guru and Cosmic Creatress. I like to pour my heart into Bella Luna because it is my favorite expression. Creating pieces that are intended to help and guide people; using fashion as the medium. It makes my life extraordinarily exciting. 


Amber Brill 

Creative Captain and Boss Babe

From Aurora, Colorado

I'm here to spread love and make magic. I create treasure boxes and jewelry filled with good vibes.  A large portion of my intention with this is creating joyous moments that last a lifetime for every customer.


Victoria Reyes

Spritual Creator & Sexi Goddess

From La Joya, Texas

Devoted creatress and fountain of inspiration. I put my trust and my soul into every piece of jewelry I create. Jewelry is connection and expression, and with the intention of peace and consideration, I share my perspective delicately and compassionately.


Screenshot (50).png

Olivia Metsa

Energy Specialist & Vibe Queen

From Northbrooke, Illinois. 

The power of a creation lies within the intention it is created with. Each piece I make beholds the power for the wearer to not only look & feel good but to radiate that goodness. The intention I instill is to spread my positivity to you so you can spread yours. 


Life is about feeling good. Here at Bella Luna Treasures we promote that by fashioning meaningful gifts that help create awareness of our vibrations and feelings .